7 Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Network Performance

While using a computer or laptop, Wi-Fi plays one of the most integral parts, and stands as highly helpful. If your Wi-Fi performance in your IT office is extremely poor and creating a setback for your organization, then a better Wi-Fi is really worth exploring. If your Wi-Fi is providing you with slow speeds, bad response, and other kinds of Wi-Fi issues, then it’s time you should take action in improving your Wi-Fi network performance at your organization with the help of the few significant tips mentioned below.

7 tips to power up your Wi-Fi performance at your office

1. Finding the accurate wireless channel: You want your wireless router on a specific channel with hardly any obstruction that you may have to face. So you can utilize a tool such as Wi-Fi Analyzer or Wi-Fi Stumbler for finding the accurate and the ideal channel in your organization.

2. Place your router to reboot on a schedule: If you’ve to reboot your router quite often, then you can solve your difficulty by rebooting it automatically only once per day or so, along with DD-WRT, or else with a usual old outlet timer.

3. Eliminate Interfering from other distinct appliances: Other appliances, cordless phones and microwaves can mess with your Wi-Fi signal. So you can purchase a dual band router, or cordless phones on other bands, or else attempt shifting your router far away from interfering appliances if you aren’t interested to purchase a new hardware.

4. Move an old router into a Wi-Fi Repeater: If you aren’t interested in paying for another hardware piece, you can surely move an old router into a Wi-Fi repeater or an extender, along with previously stated DD-WRT firmware.

5. Enhance Wi-Fi range along with DIY tricks: If your router is not able to get far, you can expand its range with easy DIY tricks. You can take the help of the Windsurfer tin foil hack to expand your router’s Wi-Fi range.

6. Explore the unique spot for your router: If you are looking for the best signal, you should keep your router in the open space and in the center of your office; that is free from hindrances and any walls. You can even point its antennas in the vertical way, and lift the router if possible by you.

7. Utilize the latest Wi-Fi technologies: You should use up-to-date hardware for ensure that your network is working quickly and is consistent too. In order to make your speed faster, you can use wireless N, and for this you require a wireless N card and a wireless N router in your PC.

Hence by now you might have understood the above tips that can certainly boost your Wi-Fi network performance. You can surely take the help of IPGenius IT organization who are available 24/7 to support you overcome this Wi-Fi problem, and you can thus run your business smoothly with its excellent performance.

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