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IPGenius IT is a full-service infrastructure networking, IT Staffing company and IT training company that formed in 2009. We offer a wide array of services from a network of IT professionals who are dedicated to their jobs and to delivering business solutions for today’s demanding times.

We have created a large-scale network of IT professionals capable of delivering services remotely or with physical consultancy anywhere in Canada. We are sought out experts having worked with some of Canada’s largest companies, and with businesses across multiple industries. We provide any number of full-time or part-time IT solutions that can help your business stay competitive as networks, hardware and software change. With services that include:

Network Assessment
LAN/WAN Networks
Wireless Networks
Network Security
System Upgrades and Data Migration
VPN service
Voice/Data Cabling
Active Directory
Exchange Build and Migration
VMware Virtualization and Consolidation
Cloud Storage Solutions
IT Staffing Services and more

We technology support and systems that your company needs to thrive in today’s market. We are available to provide our IT solutions across Canada and in your off-hours so that you can continue running your business with little downtime.

Our company is all about maximizing efficiency and offering you the finest tools and equipment to help you obtain more flexibility in your business. We understand that the idea of how you run your business is changing and with our networking solutions we can help your company to reduce expenses, increase profits and generally makes their day-to-day operations smoothly.

If you are interested in any one of our services please visit their individual pages or contact us for more information. For consultancy or regular troubleshooting help contact us today!

IPGenius IT is interested in helping businesses thrive with greater technology and expert help.