About Us » History

Our company started out of an idea that began in 2009. Our founder had been working in IT and networking for many years previously but it wasn’t until 2009 that he saw a need that could be filled with in the technology market.

IPGenius IT Service quickly had access to some of its most challenging work within a short span of time after its official launch. These initial consultancies produced a need for the company to split off into two different wings including a fully independent professional services business unit and staffing agency. With the help of a staffing agency and a composed team of expert IP consultants and technicians, IPGenius IT Service was ready to tackle any business problem or fill a need within their staffing.

Today, IPGenius IT Service has expanded to include an even larger team of infrastructure experts spanning North America. Our unmatched technical expertise and dedication to our work has allowed us to build a large list of satisfied clients.

We are able to serve small, medium and even enterprise size businesses with the same professional care and dedication. Although we have completed a lot in just a short amount of time, IPGenius only seeks to expand and continue our journey to assist businesses around North America and the world.