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Our founder, Vijay Patel has over 10 years of experience in the Cisco networking industry and has been providing networking services in the greater Toronto area since the year 2003. He holds an engineering and MBA degree as well as certifications in CCDA, CCSP, CCNP and several other Microsoft certifications. He has worked as a team member/ project manager lead for many corporations across the GTA and he has worked with businesses of many sizes as a computer network security and service provider.

Working for major corporations including Pharma trust, TD and Loblaw laid the groundwork for IPGenius IT Service. Today, Vijay Patel is expanding a network of IT professionals and hand picking professionals which are best suited to provide IT and networking help to major corporations around North America and the world. He provides advanced training through IPGenius IT Service for his team and currently stands as manager of 25 graduated CCIE’s with up to 25 more undergoing the program for certification currently.

He is an IT network Infrastructure Guru and capable of solving a wide array of business issues. He is dedicated to growing his business connections as well as IPGenius IT Service. Through his dedication and perseverance IPGenius IT Service has covered a lot of ground in just a short time, with big plans to expand in the future.