Glimpses of some of our projects

We have successfully assessed, evaluated and redesigned a MPLS infrastructure.


Our company has completed a successful assessment, evaluation and redesign of and PLS infrastructures. This alternative to VPNs has allowed one of our customers access to a variety of virtual private network services across multiple devices with automatic configuration of VPN services for future devices.


We took a major worldwide company and moved all of its employees mailbox to the cloud using Microsoft 365. It’s now easier for each of this company’s employees to access their e-mail from anywhere in the world as well as share data between employees.


We have implemented an entire server farm for a new company restructuring the way that they do business and providing them with adequate storage and security for all of their data. The farm continues to expand and scale following our implementation services.


We also Imparted redundancies in this major Canadian corporations network by introducing new hardware to one of their largest networks. With a high-availability (HA) PAIR core integrated into their network they are now doing business more efficiently.


We have assisted an unnamed major Canadian Corporation to replace firewalls across the board in each one of their Canadian locations. We upgraded their standard firewalls allowing this major corporation to run more securely than ever before.