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April 14, 2014 admin IPGenius ITService Author

As a leading IT executive search firm in Toronto, Canada we can handle any kind of your staffing solutions by connecting you with some of the industry’s top IT professionals. We can provide you with full-time IT staff by providing you with new members of your team that are hand-picked to suit the needs of your business and your industry.

The selection procedure that we use for each one of our IT contractors is completely unique to the needs of your business and based off of the experience level that you require. We utilize industry-standard tools and techniques that are capable of a higher level of IT staffing solutions. With the ability to do thunderbolt staffing (5-day talent delivery), full-time IT staffing, part-time IT staffing, contract staffing and off shift staffing for your IT solutions we can hire on professionals to help you with network support, application support, regular IT maintenance and more. If there is a gap in your company we can find the experts to fill it and make sure that they are effective from the day that they start.

For every applicant and IT staffing job that we complete we will perform a full background check, credit check and reference check. These staffing solutions will help to save you time and also provide you with a guarantee that your new hire is ready to work and doesn’t come with a history of bad references.

We will also do SME scrutiny before handpicking any candidate to fill a position at your business. This means scrutinizing, interviewing and assessing IT experts by other similar experts with years of experience in the field. This could mean that if you require a system administrator, we will make sure to set up an interview with an AD architect or Microsoft administrator to validate their skills.

Each of our IT recruitment services comes with a satisfaction warranty meeting that if our contractor is not able to keep up with your job specifications in the first 10 days, we will pay the contractor and you can let them go with no obligation.


Vijay Patel IPGenius ITService admin