Voice / Data Network Cabling

April 16, 2014 admin IPGenius ITService Author

Proper cabling can be the lifeblood of your business as well as your server and technology. In order to remain competitive and to have the greatest level of efficiency constant testing procedures and maintenance needs to be done on all of your voice and data cabling.

A large-scale business network is designed to carry a large amount of data at incredible speeds, but issues can occur within your network when cabling is installed and tested improperly. Let our experts ensure that your business systems are using today’s most modern equipment and designed using the latest standards in cabling.

We can perform replacements, installation, assessments and more that will help you improve your network and improve your overall efficiency. Cabling issues are some of the most common network issues for inefficiencies and downtime, and these types of issues can cost major companies millions yearly. If you find that your network is slow, or you have never received an assessment consider our services today to help you increase network speeds and productivity.

Vijay Patel IPGenius ITService admin